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Nataša Fleišer s.p.
Štirnova 4, 4000 Kranj
Mobile: +386(0)40 328 738

I am engaged in hand-made crochets, embroideries of national patterns and knitting. I have recieved education at the Secondary School for Textiles and at Ljubljana University, Faculty for Natural and Technica Science, furthermore I have recieved individual tutorship. I combine tradition with contemporary designs in order to present traditional textile techniques to younger generations. I mostly produce accessories like crochet caps, scarves, knitted cardigans, pullovers and a variety of decorative cushions with traditional patterns, decorative serviettes, tablecloths etc.

Interesting crochet work is based on combination of a wide variety of techniques and patterns that are brought to light by a simple tool (crochet hook) of different thickness. Several materials as cotton yarn, wool yarn, various ropes, synthetic materials can be used to produce crochets with different textures that are furthermore absorbing when applying interesting combination of colours and patterns. Most of the products are custom made and are therefore unique.

With different knitting techniques we can achieve an exquisite composition of patterns and shapes. The basic tool for hand-made products is a knitting needle of different sizes. All products are hand-made and custom-made that gives them specific unique qualities. Most common used material is wool yarn.

Traditional Slovene embroideries are defined by two basic regional styles: Belakrajina Region Style with weavin, quilting, zigzag embroidering and Gorenjska Region Style with crosses. Our produsts focus in discovering the possibilities of the later where the numerous crosses design stylized botanic motives of flowers and leaves. Most commonly used motive in Gorenjska is the carnation. The other common patter that prevades is a geometrical form of a heart. Embroidery work with crosses is mainly used on interior textiles (serviettes, tablecloths, pillowcases, towels, ect). I also use these motives on products like gift bags, decorative cushions and as a part of decoration for clothing (shirts, coats).


Crochet Hat:
19,50 EUR (4.672,98 SIT)

Crochet Scarf:
43,50 EUR (10.424, 34 SIT)

Gift Bag (small):
8,00 EUR (1.917,12 SIT )
Gift Bag (large):
10,50 EUR (2.516,22 SIT)
Decorative Cushion with Traditional Embroidery Pattern:
48.00 EUR (11.502,72 SIT )