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Balancing Tone-Boards®

Tone ® company is engaged with development, production and marketing of the requisites for effective physical conditioning and injury prevention training. Nejc Šarabon is responsible for the development, while Matija Hiršenfelder is the main manufacturer.

Our products are based on scientific facts, theory, and reach practical experiences in top sportsmen conditioning and rehabilitation. By shaping training concepts and developing new requisites we try to improve some areas of physical conditioning that, in our opinion, lag behind the others.

Injury prevention with emphasis on proprioception represents the core of our work. A set of balance requisites named Tone-Boards ® has been developed to meet the needs of systematic progression of the proprioceptive exercises. These boards are mainly designed to load lower extremities and torso. In order to ensure very effective foot work training, we offer different Tone-Ladder ® products. Supported by suggestions for effective training, they will help you gain coordination, precision, and speed of you feet.

All the products include a substantial educational material that will ensure utmost quality, safey and efficiency of training to our potential customers.

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